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Our Mission
Our mission is to empower economic development and technology professionals and partner with government, industry and academia to develop their Digital Economies . More information…
Our range of programmes have been designed to help build capacity and deliver competiveness. More information…
Cities Innovation Centers
The Future Cities Innovation Centers Network connects local people and places, to global thinking and research to enable the delivery of programs in the city setting. More information…

We believe in the power of people to create cities as great places to live and work, and that globally connected cities are the power-houses of competitiveness and economic growth for national economies. We also believe that knowledge increasingly defines a city – its places, its culture and its businesses.

How we work?
We create and share knowledge on innovation ecosystems for cities that empowers digital citizens, enables local communities and builds globally competitive and sustainable businesses of national importance.

What we do?
We help build great cities by working with government, industry and academia to deliver knowledge and programmes into local economies to create skilled jobs, local entrepreneurs and innovation for industries.

Latest News

  • Collaboration: A 4 Step Process

Collaboration: A 4 Step Process

  • April 22nd, 2013

Inter-company collaboration is now recognised to be a primary driver of competitiveness and performance. However